The Key to Communication: Active Listening & Powerful Questions (CS01)
Communication Skills
The Key to Communication: Active Listening & Powerful Questions (CS01)
Over 90% of issues that arise in the workplace can ultimately be tied back to an issue of communication. Either something has been mis-communicated, mis-interpreted or not communicated at all. This leads to increased frustration among staff, loss...
Time Management for Busy Professionals (PR01)
Time Management for Busy Professionals (PR01)

Do you constantly hear this in your organization (or experience this yourself)?

  • "There is too much to do and not enough time and resources."
  • "I keep fighting fires during the day so I can't get my own work done."
  • "It's hard to push back or say...
  • Mastering Work Life Balance (PR02)
    Mastering Work Life Balance (PR02)
    Do your employees experience overwhelm from trying to manage all of their incoming tasks? Are they challenged with conflicting priorities? Is the nature of your work or environment stressful at times? In today's busy world, managing work...